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I pick up more rose in the Intense Cafe. The opening is a strong blast of cold brew coffee and that goes away fast. I never really picked up much rose or vanilla. The opening is okay-ish and all, but the drydown is the real hero. It's like a fine wine. Intense Rose might have been a more accurate name. It’s almost identical to it. I do get a big hit of dark chocolate mousse, but it quickly turns into dirty musk mixed with coffee grounds that you find in the trash from several hours ago. Quick View. I will try it again dressed up, outdoors, one spray on the neck, in ice cold weather. This Tester does not have a cap. Interestingly, my spouse got coffee right away, and was the only person to dislike this. I can’t wait until the weather turns cold, so I can really let this one loose. Because I have so many perfumes already, it's important for me to test new fragrances first just to make sure I don't have something that's already close to what I already own. It is very nice, and extremely strong. Intense Cafe Fragrance Notes Coffee, rose, amber, vanilla, white musk. At first I wasn't sure that I liked it, something about it was a bit strange to my nose. The dry down is amazing. Longevity is superb and sillage is strong (typical Montale). The fragrance feels comforting, cozy, delicious, elegant, exotic, floral, gourmand, inviting, nicely blended, natural, playful, rich, sugary, sweet, unisex, and very pleasant. The opening was pleasant but dry, not sweet. After about 20 minutes, I found that I could NOT stop smelling it. Quite a disappointment. Spritzed this on about 20 min ago. Disappointing.... a lot of people have said this is like a latte or a great coffee fragrance. Lovely and best worn on date night ❤️❤️. Long lasting and great sillage. Just no wrist sniffing on the first date. Awaiting the dry down. I recently received this and it is so weak! and in the end went with the Mancera based on the lower price on sale on Notino. This perfume also lasts a long time, I sprayed in the evening and could still faintly smell it the next morning even with one spray. I really like this and yes the coffee does show itself especially in the beginning but it's there throughout. out of If u are coffee lover and u expect a coffee punch - u will be dissapointed. I can smell the coffee and it is so nice here, it is subtle and smooth. I have several very beautiful rose scents - I wanted a deep, warm, comforting coffee scent. So I'm disappointed in this one. This perfume is really a combinaison of Coffee, Vanilla and Rose --> a nice latte scent. Whoever isn't smelling the coffee must be sniffing skin to nose. So, if you have one you don't need the other. A sweet latte with a bouquet of roses. The coffee note is not the "king" here. I have received compliments wearing this and it certainly is a pretty cold weather scent but I don’t LOVE it. All I can smell is alcohol and fake cheap vanilla. I get a pure jammy sweet rose in typical Montale style and not much else unfortunately however, this is still such a beautiful scent. Longevity and sillage are great (10/10). Perfume rating 4.25 out of 5 with 420 votes Ristretto Intense Café by Montale is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women and men. Either way, it still smells delicious and the performance is outstanding. $170.00. Lol, like everyone else! Do I care if theyve used the finest ingredients? Intense Cafe … I didn't get the coffee, not even a slightest hint. It stays more on feminine side, but still man can wear this without problem. It's a sexy, cuddly powerhouse. All rights reserved. I don't pick up much of a coffee note, but the vanilla is delicious! Quite long lasting. Νότες κορυφής: Νότες ανθών. Written by Kristen on July 27, 2019. Intense Cafè: il profumo sensuale alle note di caffè. Not quite what I was expecting from the reviews I've seen. Ladies and Gents, this is called CAFE, like an arab coffee shop not COFFEE! A beautiful mixture of a yummy rose, soft vanilla and creamy latte. This, after all, is not ''Intense Coffee''. Intense Cafe by Montale eau de parfum 3.4 oz. Parfumul tester vine intr-o cutie alba, nesigilata, iar persistenta, mirosul si sticla sunt identice cu ale … Just a heads-up, you can buy the 100ml of this on Notino currently (30/12/19) for £51!!! :D. This is really underwhelming. To me this is a very sweet rosey-floraly perfume. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Over 24 hours of performance. It starts off with a strong coffee note. It has projection of several feet. It does smell pleasant, but unfortunately it comes across as one of the most generic rose-oud combos that can be found in so many other fragrances. Creație a brandului francez renumit datorită pasiunii sale pentru parfumuri orientale și arăbești, Intense Cafe … Vezi oferta-9%. I already own Black Opium, Good Girl, The Only One, Coffee Break, etc... and this is THE most coffee-smelling fragrance I’ve ever tried. First of all this is a very nice perfume. I am not a fan - smells too harsh in a chemical way. Fresh sweets lined up in a dusty old coffee shop. The coffee mellows and melts into a vanilla, milky coffee - all the time, working amazingly with the rose (a note I often dislike) . My nose itched all day 9-17 (wasn't able to shower until then), and it made me sneeze 3-4 times during the day. I just get a lot of rose off of this and not much coffee. keisha.rapier is on the money. It's a perfectly composed mix of floral and gourmand and I absolutely loved it. Course two is cafe latte and cookies. Vezi oferta. I got the Montale Fruits & Vanillas discovery set* and I am SO disappointed in the entire line. Florals can be detected along with it and a little pinch of vanilla. Full of roses in the beginning with addition of a little bit sweetness of vanilla. Perfect for Autumn and Winter. 8/10 definitely worth it. Rose, rose and a little bit of vanilla. Montale Embruns d’Essaouira EDP 100ml Tester. This perfect duo leaves a very beautiful sillage of Vanilla, … The person below says it smells like a creamy latte and I definitely agree. I thought that I didn't enjoy this fragrance and moved it to my swap list, but I've been wearing it this fall and had a change of heart. Good performance, though. Yet, the overall composition sings, "I've got this. Perfumes: 63922 Coffee and vanilla give the fragrance a sweet creaminess, but the prominent rose adds a beautiful depth that balances everything out. It achieves it's goal. -Initial wearing: I could pick up floral scents and complexity. This is a rose vanilla scent, I detect no coffee, especially as the time goes by. Rose is just as dominant in this as coffee at the start. Hurry! I prob didn't NEED a full bottle, but I'm glad I did it. It's vanilla coffee and rose. Vanilla/ Coffee perfume. It smells good but for me it goes on the feminine side. Someone else here mentioned it as smelling like a cough drop; other people mentioned a chemical-y smell. Not a safe blind buy unless you love very strong fragrances with coffee. It definitely evolves on my skin and projects a lot! But the dry down is amazing and addictive. This is very strong and almost cloying. Opening is pure floral, midnotes are dominated by creamy rose, drydown is clean, fresh and ambery vanilic. MONTALE Intense Cafe by Montale is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women and men. This is a beautiful, non-gendered fragrance. This scent is amazing...and it is strong/long lasting. What I was a bit hesitant about it is it smelled a bit too oud-y for me at first. Montale Intense Cafe TESTER ЕDP 100 ml. This fragrance is absolutely wonderful! Purchase the Montale Oud Tobacco for Unisex Eau de Parfum 3.4 OZ Tester for men & Women at the Lowest Price.Fast and free shipping.100% Authentic.Satisfaction Guaranteed. Pretty good thoug but not for me. I was hoping to pick-up coffee in this, however I don't get any coffee on my skin. I apologise to those who might swear by this, but my God do I hate this with passion, it's a sickeningly sweet, unnatural smelling synthetic rose with fleeting bits of coffee in the background. Not sure about this one yet. That's how it smells like to me. I haven’t worn it much, but decided to wear it to work yesterday. and I realized that its a dead ringer for Fashionista by Bond No 9 which i already have. I don't want to discourage any man from wearing Intense Café, but to me personally, this scent exudes feminine confidence. That's it. Montale Paris Intense Cafe is amazing!!! Too bad it smells so cheap. This is airy, dry, unisex but leaning slightly feminine to me. I am addicted to this perfume definitely one of my top favourites ! I just don't get it. close Our … This particular scent reminds me of another Montale that I own - Chocolate Greedy. Syrupy, jammy rose. The coffee and rose is perfectly blended and each takes turn being in the spotlight through the stages. I thought I should gave it a go since I wasn't meeting any people for a couple of hours. Montale … Like omg that is exactly why I thought of Egyptian stuff. To my nose the coffee never leaves. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. I LOVE It but... Intense? Intense Tiare by Montale is exactly what I wanted for summer. Initially this was a burst of syrupy sweet roses. Right now it's still very noticeable and I've been wearing it for 4 hours. The musky dry down has a camphoric smell to it though, like peppermint or liniment which can be off putting for some but I love it's warm, comforting scent. Very strong scent, the rose is jammy and bold, has that cherry chapstick vibe going on similar to sensual instinct (also gravely dislike.) This smells so enticing. I like the creamy quality of this perfume and how coffee is clearly and perfectly incorporated within. Wynn Big In Vegas Three-Night Stay for Two with Two Dinners Included. Just a jammy rose smell. Also i found it to feminine for me ! Rich thick jammy rose - reminds me of indult manakara actually, like biting into a gummy, chewy, sugar dusted piece of Turkish delight that your teeth sink into (here whilst enjoying a nice coffee although as many have said the coffee isn't super noticeable, more so compliments and grounds the other notes) It does have a slight citrus twist, less overwhelming and overall much more wearable than manakara, (and of course, no lychee although there is that citrus to add the tartness) definitely has the same rich, posh turkish delight gourmand vibe. Ce este un parfum tester? Ristretto Intense Café … I also see this perfume very heavy on amber, despite it's getting the least votes by reviewers. This is all rose and vanilla on me, no coffee. Cumpara acum parfum tester Montale Intense Cafe, apa de parfum, 100 ml cu o persistenta de lunga durata si un siaj puternic. Montale Intense Cafe ЕDP 100 ml. The sillage and longevity are non existant. This is not cloyingly sweet, smells like cappuccino with jammy rose tea no wow factor but it is addicting, I longed for this every hour when I forgot to bring the bottle with me. Whenever I see the bottle for Stella by Stella McCartney, this is the kind of perfume that I expect to come out, and I'm always disappointed when I smell something much fresher. I guess my nose is not trained well for it as it is very subtle. As it started drying down I thought the scent made me think of Egypt and Morocco, but I couldn’t tell why. Definitely worth trying. This scent is really beautiful. Intense Cafe is definitely more gourmand with toasty vanilla. Blind bought this. Way too feminine. I’m so sad. But this is straight up the smell when you attempt to unclog your drain, if you ever have to do that. Describes this perfectly so I can't add more. I bought a sample of both this and Mancera Roses Vanille and really struggled with which to purchase. I bought a bottle of this to wear on the weekends even though it is too feminine to wear in public. After about an hour it became sort of obnoxious. (So many claim it's there and my nose just can't find it, but not the case with this one!!) He writes coffee but doesn't even feel it. Online right now: 2334, Fragrantica in your language: Makes me smile, sigh of contentment and leaves me wanting more of it. to your home. I don't get the coffee, but the rose is really strong in this one. 402.00 AED 215.00 AED. We take great pride in This is one tasty fragrance. It’s quite unique and very pleasant. © Copyright 2021 ForeverLux. Its funny, but “Rose Gourmand for her” by Zara smells so similar to the “Intense cafe”, and price is 10 times cheaper. A couple of other notes I get glimpses of, but it's all about the aforementioned. Mmmm...finally a Montale that I really love!! The floral notes are shadowed by the strong roses; the amber adds a sweet resinous touch, and the white musk comes across as a projecting, slightly powdery touch. Thank the heavens for samples. The coffee, roses, and vanilla are the opening most noticeable notes. ... Montale Paris Black Aoud Intense Eau de Parfum 100ml (TESTER) €130.00 €55.00. Received many compliments wearing it. Truly intense. OK, so I just received my sample of this fragrance. No fragrance is as complete as this one. It smells like mr Muscle oven cleaner with heavy rose and some burnt coffee beans. This is not my signature fragrance or something, not even my favourite...i have many others that i love...but Intense Cafe is the most complimented fragrance of mine! I do like this, but it's not what I wanted. The coffee is sweetened by the vanilla note, and although the note matrix doesn't show it, I feel there is a hint of oud in there, especially in the opening. This has a sweet coffee component that makes me feel like I'm sitting in a cozy cafe drinking a sugary flavored coffee drink. This is my favorite scent how it evaporates from coffee/chocolate into a bloomed flower! The rose is evocative of red roses, feminine, sensual, slightly powdery, sweet, and floral dense. Wonderful. This smells very similar to the opening of Gentle Fluidity Gold by MFK - but much more bold and synthetic. This is a rose and ambroxan fragrance, with a bit of vanilla in the dry down. It is perfect for fall and winter. Very feminine almost cloying rose with vanilla/musk/coffee, 1 spray will last 6+ hours. If you tolerate Montale scents with no problem and love gourmands, you should check this out. I think I can smell a little coffee in the background but it's certainly not what I expected. Montale Intense Cafe. In Stock & Ready To Ship! I just added intense cafe to my collection and I am already obsessed with it. I admit that the price had lower my expectations to it. I disagree with those saying it compares to Roses Musk. both smell alike BUT Montale wins with longevity and projection. It's rose. A tester is the original fragrance, in its original bottle, without the retail box. Intense rose, would be a better name. Montale's Intense Cafe is one of my most favorite jammy rose fragrances of all time. I could see myself loving it even more as the temperatures drop but sprayed lightly it is still wonderful during this heat we're still having. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. When I first tried this, I was disappointed. Just like Intense Cafe, both fragrances share similar notes like coffee and vanilla. And it is typical Montale so the performace is very good. Love it. However, with Intense Cafe I can’t detect any coffee at all which is unfortunate since “coffee” is kind of in the name of the fragrance. First time I tried it, I had a total "wow"-experience since I had never smelled anything like it. I bought this a couple months ago. I absolutely LOVE Intense Café by Montale. The rose and the coffe notes have been compromised compared to the original bottle which I purchased on the very first day IC was sold. If you’re not a true coffee or rose lover, I’d advise you to look for a sample or decant before you pull the trigger. I just received my sample from Scent Split. Tester. It's there at the beginning, fading away too soon and giving in for roses and vanilla. It’s not very floral in my opinion. I cant describe enough with words how much I love this frag. That’s why I haven’t worn it in a while. There's a note that I just don't like at all. I love this fragrance so so much! This scent smells well blended and frankly, delicious. Livrare gratuita. I did not get the coffee at all on first wearing. It smells like a beautiful sweet rose syrup, unlike any rose fragrance I've had before. However, I'm pretty sure I can replicate it by layering the following of what I already own: This smells exactly like Mancera Roses Vanille, if you have that already I don't think this is worth getting also. It makes me feel as if I'm sitting in a coffee house with a giant bouquet of fragrant roses on a chilly winter morning, w a hot vanilla latte on the table. Intense Cafe was launched in 2013. Still, it’s a nice scent, long-lasting, and perfect for cold months. This isn't a traditional coffe scent like in Muglers DNA but I do detect it. Sale! I have a colleague who also loves fragrances and I asked her if she could smell it on me - “nope, nothing” . If Juliette has a Gun's Miss Charming and vanilla essence had a baby, this would be the result. Not too mich... And overall... Café? The two combine … I give this a 9/10 for quality. Montale Intense Café Eau de Parfum, 100 mL DetailsA truly addictive and enticing gourmand fragrance, Intense Café opens with brilliant floral notes that quickly reveal a surprising heart of … Intense Cafe was launched in 2013. The amber and musk give this a beautiful base, and the rose note stays strong throughout---a lush, red, sweet rose--no hint of green. The rose in Intense Cafe is in no way fresh. It's so beautiful...I'm being sarcastic for those you have to explain sarcasm to.. This one though is a pass for me. Cumpara Montale Intense Cafe – Apa de Parfum, 100 ml (Tester) . That said, it's very strong and still does a great job. MONTALE Intense Cafe - 100 ML - TESTER ORIGINAL. The cafe smell may be there but it is really soft and overwhelmed by rose & vanilla. 269,92 RON. There's no oud here. I can still smell it coming off my chest. What i've got juz rose..its a linear and performance 10/10. A rose and vanilla bomb. $79.00. eau de parfum 3.4 oz tester … Still, it’s a nice scent, long-lasting, and perfect for cold weather. I think I detect the notes they're attempting to convey but for some reason they don't smell terribly natural to me. Happy I managed to get a sample first. I usually get anosmic with rose, but this stuff keep pushing my nose from morning till evening. I am a huge Montale Aoud fan, and this is the first fragrance I've tried that isn't in the Aoud line. Then it started to smell extremely familiar and but the end of the night it finally hit me. Amazing even. mini fragrances at a low price. Not my favourite perfume, as it is way too sweet for my taste, but it is very long lasting. But a bit too feminine for me. 4 hours after my first single spray of this my housemate walked in and said I smelled divine! Incredible strength in this fragrance, with a beautiful coffee twist in the opening that doesnt last long enough! For me, the coffee note isn't very prominent. I definitely get the rose, and the muskiness. The potency of the rose becomes a boozy strawberry or something tart like grapes. To those who are using decants and wrote a bad review shame on you, I have a decant and changed colors and smell within a week, but it stiffen and thicken the juice and boosted its performance, but the top notes are just noticeable but a little undistinguishable, that is why they are stored in aluminum bottles because of their concentrations. I was looking for a coffee scent, this is not it. It's really a beautiful scent...almost shed a tear when I sniffed it. I occasionally get whiffs of brewed coffee throughout this, but it's like I've passed by someone drinking a latte. If you want to smell good without trying to learn to appreciate the frag this is it. I even get an after dinner blonde tobacco note. I absolutely love this fragrance. Nope, the smell is just too good. Instead, all I get is jammy rose. Much better in the drydown. I think this might have ruined the rose accord for me. And I'm talking lightly- 1 or 2 sprays MAX- here for it to last all day and project at arms length the entire time. I was really surprised since I only smelled rose and sweet vanilla at the first whiff, but when the scent warm up by the heat of my skin I can smell a very distinct yummy coffee note. Sale! Once Montale Intense Cafe has reached its full dry down, it can be summarized as a strong projection, very sweet, coffee, roses, and vanilla fragrance with ambery and white must accords. I feel like this would need to be for cooler/cold weather with how "thick" it smells and feels. I know I can smell that it’s all synthetic scents and you can tell there’s no natural ingredients in it but please, what do you expect with that price. Intense Cafe opens with a wonderful creamy coffee note (more of a latte than a strong black coffee - though the Ristretto version has a darker stronger coffee note) and then dries down into a beautiful mix of rose and vanilla. The projection the first 2 hours is good, with a prominent and orecious rose, tipical from montale. Intense Cafe is an apt title. I don’t really get any rose. the coffee only last for a few minutes before the rose and vanilla dominate other smells. It's definitely there if you're not "looking" for it. Unfortunately, the ambroxan is strong on me and produces a synthetic smell that competes with the rose. This fragrance last 24 hours + . I think it reminds me too much of potpourri and I was expecting a little more of a vanilla gourmand. Hard pass. This is the same scent, only smoother and more creamy. Whenever my mom spray this I always wake up, because it envelopes the room. Initial impression after spraying but not wearing: Incense-y, heavy, strong, noticeable, serious, intense, interesting, a little sweet, mysterious, transformative. Thats very good longevity for the projection and silage, not as some people judge longevity off of the scent still being present only with nose to pulse point. I can´t imagine this on a man. if You’re looking for a cheaper alternative go for “Rosewood” by Arabian oud , very similar to this but without the coffee note . I do wish the coffee note is as intense as the name of this perfume tho, but comparing to YSL Black Opium this is still a much better option if you want a vanilla - coffee fragrance. I love it! My first bottle of parfum from Montale, but definately not the last. There is something so nauseating about it to me. Strong coffee in the beginning but dries down to a very syrupy vanilla - I don't get the rose. Is is largely just rose on my skin once it dries down. Intense Cafe leaves a gourmand trail of lusciousness. Thus, in the end it's too feminine. I like oud, but it's a very common scent where I live so I was a bit let down by that. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. This is my least favorite, but I like it. Unfortunately I have to agree with many people below - a very misleading name! I find it fascinating how the same perfume can make such different impressions! Wow! Creatorul acestui parfum este Pierre Montale. Very nice fragrance mr. Montale but it should be called, as I said and many others before me - Intense Rose! I got lingering whiffs throughout the entire day, and I definitely wasn't complaining. Smells good on my partner and he really loves it so I gave it to him, but I would definitely call it a feminine fragrance because of the sweetness and composition. I judge longevity off of how long the fragrance performs its task of being noticeable to others and to myself. My goodness this is so sexy and lasts for ages. Not suitable for office environment because it's too nuclear and bold. This is beautiful, modern, and everything I was hoping for out of Black Opium. I tried it last year and really loved it. I might get the slightest hint of coffee but it is so faint that it might be a placebo effect from being told it's in the notes. Roses&vanilla vanilla&roses. 328,28 RON. If the coffee lasted longer to my nose it would be bottle worthy. 4.05 This is a warm, sweet, delicious long lasting fragrance that I really enjoy wearing. I’m surprised there are other notes because I smell only two rather disjointed notes, as in I smell the coffee and then rose rather than a blend. Rose, Coffee, Vanilla - those three notes are so separated yet also so well blended on me. But here's the thing, I'd tip them anyway because Intense Cafe is a great unisex scent. Free US Shipping on orders over $75 Home; Store; Shop By Brands +-Amouage; Bond No 9 ... Home › Montale Intense Cafe. Really beautiful but not quite the coffee punch I was hoping for. Coffee/Vanilla are present but it smells like rubbing alcohol faintly. Ok so I almost blind bought it but man I'm so glad I didn't! I know that the house of Montale Paris catches a lot of flack, but I have to respectfully disagree. Just one spray and it lasted for over 8 hours and I was asked what perfume I was wearing. There must only be a handfull of companies in the world that supply the vast majority of ingredients for all the thousands of perfume brands... Is Intense Cafe simply the same base as many other rose scented fragrances? THIS is coffee, rose, vanilla and omg it is so so heavenly! On me, I get coffee grounds and rose. You have already been granted a sitewide 20% discount. This may as well have been named Hint of Coffee. I am so happy I can finally get my hands on this. Patchouli Leaves by Montale 3.4 oz EDP for Unisex Tester $160.00 $66.28 Patchouli Leaves by Montale 3.4 oz EDP for Unisex $160.00 $65.57 Intense Cafe by Montale 3.4 oz EDP for Unisex Tester … It smells delicious,intense and long lasting. Intense Cafe smells exactly as the notes imply, like coffee, vanilla, and roses. Montale Intense Cafe Edp 100ml (tester) INTENSE CAFÈ DI PIERRE MONTALE IN CONFEZIONE DA 100 ML È UNA FRAGRANZA ALLE NOTE OLFATTIVE DI ROSA, CAFFÈ E VANIGLIA, ADATTA SIA AGLI UOMINI CHE ALLE DONNE. I'm not a huge rose fan and even less so when it's jammy. Categorised as unisex but smells very feminine to me, I'd be interested to know what it would smell like on a man. Kinda weird. I can only assume you smell it because of placebo(Montales usually have oud)? Maybe it's just me, but rose tends to overpower everything else in a fragrance for me. In Southeast Asia, rose syrup is popular for icy summer drinks. It stays more on feminine side.

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