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l[37] = '|112'; Punctual and scrupulous compliance with the hygienic-sanitary measures set by the authorities about the movements is recommended. Public selection procedures are suspended, except to: Face to face training activities are suspended. The statistics on Covid-19 indicate that men are more likely to develop a severe form of the illness. Open Innovation programmes l[61] = '<'; l[47] = 'o'; If students currently abroad want to come back home early, the University will apply all the necessary measures to guarantee the positive conclusion of the semester. l[23] = '|105'; A.Y. These services can’t be provided face-to-face but they will provided with remote modes, according to each student and Professor needs. In conclusion, I want to renew my gratitude to this large community once again. In ognuno di noi c’è un vero e proprio universo interiore, molto più profondo e autentico di quello esteriore. l[50] = 'i'; Ordinance no. Das Coronavirus breitet sich weiter aus, die Zahlen in ganz Europa steigen erneut an. l[56] = 'e'; Students can choose this mode or, if they prefer, postpone the session until it will be possible taking it face to face.If you choose to take the exam in online modes you should follow recommendations published in Information about online teaching during Covid-19 emergency. The organisation of teaching to 23 February 2021 . Piazzale Europa, 1 - 34127 - Trieste, Italia - Tel. E-mail: urp(AT)unifi.it Posta certificata: ateneo(AT)pec.unifi.it P.IVA/Cod.Fis. The exams can be taken in oral remote mode until the end of the emergency situation, with the agreement of the candidate. Università degli Studi di Firenze - UniFI. PHD STUDENTS, GRANT HOLDERS, RESEARCH FELLOWS AND SIMILAR FIGURES. l[8] = '|110'; This extraordinary situation requires strong sense of responsibility. Updates on viral respiratory diseases prevention, 2. Season's greetings from Università della Svizzera italiana. 2018-2019 is postponed to June 15th 2020. All the University venues are closed from Tuesday March 17th 2020, except for medical and hospital workplaces, in order to rationalise the access to spaces and limit movements of people and the employment of auxiliary staff. La Fondazione Università Popolare di Torino, ha attivato per questo anno accademico una serie di Percorsi Formativi che permettono lo studio articolato di materie affini o complementari. VIRAL RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS and CORONAVIRUS 2019-NCOV. The University of Turin has prepared all the necessary measures as soon as possible. l[52] = 'm'; Università della Svizzera italiana - USI. This extraordinary situation requires strong sense of responsibility. Centralino +39 055 27571. STUDY ROOMS, LIBRARIES, UNIVERSITY MUSEUMS AND HISTORICAL ARCHIVE. Final dissertations are taking place online at the moment. Campus Riedberg Max-von-Laue-Straße 9 (Biozentrum, Building N100) l[0] = '>'; 10123 Il benessere è uno stato che coinvolge tutti gli aspetti dell'essere umano determinandone la qualità della vita. At the peak of the outbreak, with a probable high infectious dose and viral load, older age, the severity of respiratory failure and renal impairment at presentation, but not comorbidities, are predictors of 28-day mortality in Covid-19. l[17] = '|110'; the University of Turin confirms that face-to-face lessons and exams are suspended from March 2nd to March 7th in all university venues, including extra-metropolitan ones. l[4] = '|116'; Tra le più richieste: Il Dipartimento di Scienze Umanistiche ha una lunga tradizione di corsi "classici" che spaziano dalle lingue antiche alla filosofia, ma propone con successo anche materie molto attuali. Research is also really important for us. Open Days Milano - Bicocca. Face-to-face teaching activities are suspended. Students are invited to check their institutional UniTo email, where the information about the final exams of their degree programme are communicated. Un percorso interdisciplibnare che può aiutarci ad intraprendere i primi passi verso la conoscenza interiore. l[33] = '|111'; First balance payment. Administrative deadlines are being rescheduled. Spesso però non lo conosciamo in profondità, perché non abbiamo mai dedicato tempo alla sua esplorazione. Students are advised to contact offices by help-desk or mail. peer-to-peer tutoring in taking notes and/or support in exams preparation, Italian Sign Language interpreting and mediated communication services) are still active. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with hands. The postgraduate courses related to health professions - including doctors in specialist training and specializing courses in General Medicine - aren’t suspended. l[18] = '|117'; var l=new Array(); St Petersburg University’s educational standard: training professionals for the modern economy. Over 2,500 video lessons are already active, they were recorded by over 700 professors for a total of 70,000 students and over 4,200 hours of videos. l[1] = 'a'; The Coronavirus 2019-nCoV is part of a big virus family that causes a lot of diseases, most of them are not serious, from common cold, with or without fever, cough, to difficulties in breathing. A YEAR OF CHALLENGE, STRENGTH AND … The exams, that are not in this list, will be added when the decision will be made official. This office and the Rector's Delegate for Disability, Professor Pavone, are available for students and Professors with specific needs. The University of Turin is closely monitoring the situation of the Coronavirus spread and is in direct contact with national, regional and local authorities to provide the adequate preventive measures for UniTo community. With an average enrolment of 40,000 students, the University of Catania has been around for hundreds of years since 1434 and is oldest one in Sicily.. Campus Westend Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6 (PEG Building) 60323 Frankfurt am Main +49-69-798-17193. All updates for the UniTo community are published in the paragraph UniTo's measures for students, academic and administrative workers on this page. L'Università di Torino si impegna a valutare con sollecitudine le richieste di rimozione così ricevute; e si riserva al contempo di respingere quelle che appaiano infondate, eventualmente previa acquisizione di ulteriori informazioni. l[29] = '|111'; Interest in people represents the reference value of all my policies. The February-March exams of every Degree programs - that was cancelled due to the Coronavirus emergency - are being rescheduled. peer-to-peer tutoring in taking notes and/or support in exams preparation, Italian Sign Language interpreting and mediated communication services) are still active. l[54] = '='; UniTo's measures for students, academic and administrative workers, UniTo’measures for incoming and outgoing students, Online teaching: instructions for students and Professors, UniTo's related and general hygienic measures, 1. For this reason, please contact the offices by e-mail or ticket. For more information and updates about student’s mobilities check out these sections: Check out all information and operational indications about online teaching (created after Coronavirus spread) in this page. l[20] = '|111'; 2020/2021 University fees. l[31] = '|105'; Questi percorsi permettono, a richiesta dell'interessato, di ottenere la Certificazione, rilasciata e sottoscritta dai Docenti e dal Direttore Didattico (unitamente al Attestato di Frequenza con l'indicazione di tutti i corsi frequentati), che potrà essere presentata al proprio Istituto o la propria Facoltà, per la relativa conversione in Crediti Formativi. Activation of extra-curricular traineeships is suspended. the decree signed  by the President of the Council of Minister on March 9th extends, until the April 3rd, the measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 disease in the national territory. Such communication is useful to help tracking people that had contacts and to adopt dedicated hygienic measures. Il Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature straniere organizza corsi annuali sulle principali lingue europee e orientali. The University of Turin is closely monitoring the situation of the Coronavirus spread and is in direct contact with national, regional and local authorities to provide the adequate preventive measures for UniTo community. Moreover the decree provides more urgent and restrictive measures. Smart working mode is exceptionally allowed, if possible, for extracurricular traineeship in progress during the period of health emergency. Cultural tourism, sports and higher education are just some of the city assets. are suspended. 224 waren hier. I address my heartfelt thanks to all people for their spirit of collaboration: administrative staff, students, professors and all the other professional figures which give their contribute to our university life. Phone: (+39) 011 67 06 711 Fax: (+39) 011 75 16 03 Administrative office: zC.I@wafGL5H4kPhoiRtDM]#[qrf9ooDVzwEvmjITVaEswE CCL-LM office: zC.I@wafGL5H4kPhoiRtDMFx3lYn]#[g.e60h@XzyfRiMIInK9s79yprkFf. Francesco Salustri. For activities that can’t be postponed I really mean it. l[59] = ' '; UniTo is doing everything possible to avoid students career issues. It’s recommended to use remote mode and reschedule all board meetings. +39 040 558 7111 - P.IVA 00211830328 - C.F. University of Turin (Università degli Studi di Torino) 151-200 201-300 8-12: University of Florence (Università degli Studi di Firenze) 201-300 301-400 8-12: University of Milan Bicocca (Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca) 301-400 301-400 8-12 : University of Naples Federico II (Università degli Studi di Napoli – Federico II) 301-400 301-400 8-12 University of Pavia (Universit� Before you leave home; When you arrive; Turin and surroundings; Coronavirus - Updates of 22nd December. l[16] = '|105'; always use a tissue or cover nose and mouth with your elbow. 80013890324 - P.E.C. Infektionen mit Coronavirus-Stämmen, die zu einfachen Erkältungskrankheiten führen, manifestieren sich häufig in Form von Rhinitis, Husten, Kopfschmerzen und Fieber. Via Principe Amedeo, 12 This limitation is for professors, researchers, research technicians, grant holders, research fellows, specializing students, students that are writing their final dissertation, etc. after a week, I need to communicate directly with all the academic community in order to share some reflections about the state of things and the actions provided to face an emergency in constant evolution. This suspension will not compromise the students’ academic careers. ateneo@pec.units.it Established in 1982, University of Tor Vergata is the second university in Rome and provides high-quality education for students preparing to meet the ever-evolving … A thought goes to all the School of Medicine community of UniTo to which I’m honored to be part. Check out the calendar of your Degree programs. I renew my deepest thanks to all UniTo community for their commitment and collaboration. l[36] = '|111'; The new Coronavirus 2019nCoV is included among the viruses responsible for respiratory infections, it can cause pathologies with symptoms similar to those of common flu. Students are advised to use distance communication modes when possible (e-mail, webconference systems etc.). l[34] = '|116'; The University of Turin offers a wide choice of study options, including many first and second cycle degree courses. The virus doesn’t make any exception. This variety of disciplinary needs requires, in this moment, a huge commitment from both Professors and administrative staff, to face extremely different situations. l[28] = '|46'; Students graduating in extraordinary sessions don’t have to pay additional fees. I would like to call upon you to give priority to health protection of all people, independently from the dispositions adopted and indicated on the University’s website. Services provided by Students with disabilities/SLD University Desk (i.e. CURRICULAR AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR TRAINEESHIPS AND 200-HOUR STUDENTS. l[49] = 'l'; The communication can be sent to UniTo’s competent doctor (they will confidentiality guarantee), it should include role and workplace and it should be send by email to medicicompetenti@unito.it. Questo percorso ci aiuta a curare il corpo e la mente, valorizzando gli aspetti migliori. UCL Institute for Global Health. 2019-2020. All employees with activities that can’t be postponed or be fulfilled remotely and need to work on site should aerate the rooms frequently. l[46] = ':'; It's possibile to continue and activate curricular traineeships with remote modes, after evaluation of the single degree program and the academic and company tutor. Computer Science Department in located in Corso Svizzera 185, Torino (entrance from Via Pessinetto 12).. 1,213 Followers, 489 Following, 100 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Università Popolare Torino (@unipop_torino) L’iniziativa social #ilmioalberoverde per i 20 anni del Centro d’incontro psicologico. The Coronavirus 2019-nCoV - like all the coronaviruses - can be spread from person to person by close proximity with an infected patient. As you know, the last Decree issued by the President of the Council of Minister furtherly enforced the social containment measures. All news. l[10] = '|114'; Update of the cleaning process of University spaces according to. All cultural, scientific and education events (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.) We are facing a real emergency situation and we are managing it with the support of all the academic community Professors, administrative staff and students. Frequent consultation is recommended. All the complete, detailed and updated provisions are available on www.unito.it, THESE PROVISIONS ARE EXTENDED TO MAY 3RD 2020. 164/2020 of the Rector of the University of Wroclaw of 30 December 2020 . l[53] = '"'; Youtube Broadcast. Research activities are suspended, unless high-priority research needs. l[3] = '<'; 120 corsi, 120 opportunità di conoscenza a soli 150 euro l'anno! 0522 523041 - Fax 0522 523045. Who must ensure services that can’t be postponed and fullfilled remotely and research activities limited to unavoidable needs must move with the University ID badge (if they  have one) and with the certificate to fill in with personal information and indication of the workplace. A. In April 2020, Samira Fafi-Kremer, the director of the Strasbourg Institute of Virology, piloted a study in collaboration with the clinicians from the CHU de Strasbourg and teams from the Institut Pasteur. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. ANNOUNCEMENT of the Rector of the University of Wroclaw of 30 December 2020 . All study rooms in all university venues and departments, including those in libraries, are closed. The University will be closed on 6 and 9 January. l[51] = 'a'; I’m sure that we will be able to catch up quickly on delays that will happen due to this forced suspension of research activities. l[35] = '|112'; Inauguration Ceremony Academic Year 2020/2021. I want to send to all of them my deepest thanks, mine and of all UniTo community for their commitment, skills and their great spirit of self-sacrifice. Suspended exams will be rescheduled as soon as possible according to venues reopening. Il corso "Alla scoperta del corpo umano II" del Dr. Marco Laudi, inizierà lunedì 11 gennaio 2021 con cadenza quindicinale, SCRIVERE DI SE' - ore 19.20 - Prof.ssa DI GANGI, Consulta il calendario scolastico e delle Festività. 2019-2020, to help students and their families during the Coronavirus emergency. And I also want to thank the students for how they interact with the Professors by often providing them suggestions and advices, in a spirit of reciprocity that we will be able to enhance as resource for the future. PHD STUDENTS, I AND II LEVEL SPECIALIZING MASTERS, SPECIALIZATION SCHOOLS AND COURSES. 225 were here. Take advantage of the numerous resources and services created to help students during their time at the University. Please consider online solutions also for all the other meetings. Coming to the end, I want to draw attention to the emotional and psychological burden that we must live during these days. The University has decided that ‘AGILE’ is the ordinary working mode, according to measures approved in the Decree-Law n.18/2020 and in the Decree issued by the President of the Council of Minister on March 22nd 2020. La Statale Live. For this reason I encourage all Deans of all Departments to organise scientific webinar in all disciplines, in this way researchers will be able to share and discuss critically their research results. Collaboration is required from all employees, in all their parts, such as Professors, administrative staff and similar figures (students included) to inform only about their own limiting and health measures assigned by Health Authorities. We shouldn’t forget that remote tools help us not only for teaching activities, but also for scientific one. l[5] = '|105'; The following measures were implemented specifically by UniTo: Generally, all employers are encouraged to aerate the rooms frequently, especially in case of people reception areas. Largo Paolo Braccini 2, 10095 Grugliasco, Torino, Italy Phone: +39 0116708681 - Fax: +39 0116708682 E-mail: direzione.dsv@unito.it Punctual and scrupulous compliance with the hygienic-sanitary measures set by the authorities is recommended. Italia, //= 0; i=i-1) { Find out what programs are accepting applications and learn more about our health & safety COVID-19 procedures & guidelines abroad. News COVID-19, study shows effectiveness of protective measures in hospitals in Ticino. l[2] = '/'; l[42] = '|111'; l[48] = 't'; The following measures are provided to avoid people crowding: We remember that for every movement from/to workplace you need to always keep with you the self-certification provided by Ministero dell’Interno. Preparation for research calls for grants is important, so important to guarantee enough economic support for our studies. //]]>, Dipartimento di lingue e letterature straniere, Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecniche applicate, Scopri la tua creatività e crea la vita che desideri. INCOMING AND OUTGOING STUDENTS' AND ACADEMIC MOBILITY. A certificate to fill in with personal information and indication of the workplace is available on the Intranet to be printed. Distance learning solutions and lessons recovery will be communicated from Tuesday March 3rd. But I want to reassure our students: the provision of teaching services is an essential priority for us. I would like to thank them sincerely. else document.write(unescape(l[i])); l[24] = '>'; l[40] = '|117'; Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia - Partita IVA (VAT Code): 00427620364 e-mail: urp@unimore.it | Modena: Via Università 4, 41121 Modena, Tel. This decision is due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in unprecedented travel restrictions across international borders that seem unlikely to be lifted in the near future. These services can’t be provided face-to-face but with remote modes, according to each student and Professor needs. l[26] = '|116'; In 1956 he began his academic career at the University of Urbino and, two years later, personally chosen by its dean and founder Father Agostino Gemelli, moved to the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, where he held the chair of private law for over three decades.

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